Games Inbox: Are you loyal to video game companies or franchises?
Destiny – is loyalty asking too much?

The evening Inbox continues to share its favourite SoulsBorne moments, as one reader questions the cost of a good gaming PC.

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The wrong kind of loyalty

RE: Regulator and DarKerR’s emails this morning, I fully agree.

This talk of Destiny 2 and the PlayStation 4-only beta has just reignited my mild distain for Bungie. I don’t feel Destiny 2 has been in development long enough, or if it has they abandoned the long lifespan MMO plan well before Destiny’s release a few years back. This likely means we’ll end up with something closer to a giant piece of DLC rather than a new game, or Bungie’s deviousness and misdirection knows no bounds.

As someone who has been a huge fan of Bungie and almost everything they’ve done since about two days after the original Xbox launched, I find the deals they’ve done with Sony in recent years to be a bit galling. I know it’s mostly early access to stuff rather than exclusive content that Xbox gamers are missing out on, but only a fool could argue that Microsoft and the Xbox didn’t make Bungie the company they are today.

To be honest, it feels like a giant f-you to all the loyal fans that stuck with Bungie over the years. But then, when has loyalty mattered to the gaming industry?
Dave5387 (gamertag)

GC: Are you suggesting it would be more fair if the exclusive deal was with Microsoft? Loyalty in gaming is a myth, as all games companies have found out at one point or another. It certainly doesn’t exist the other way around.

High point

I’d have to say my stand-out Dark Souls moment has to be the High Lord Wolnir sequence in Dark Souls III. I don’t want to stray into spoilers, as many Inbox letters reference backlogs, but what happens when you transport to that area is excellent. I was playing with my lights off and the sound quite high… that certainly added to the experience.

First boss down in the new DLC… it’s very difficult!

Keep up the good work.

New sensations

Recently I have gone through another stale gaming period where nothing has really gripped me, so it has been nice to finally get into a few new games to take my rather limited time up. Nice story for once, I looked to trade Overwatch in as I had played it once and never went back, CeX were offering £25 for it so off I go to GAME to get them to price match – as I planned to use the credit off Mass Effect in two week’s time. Get there to find out they do not price match anymore, but then they offered me £29 trade-in for it, and along with reward points basically gave me my money back. Thanks to Xbox game share, I haven’t needed to buy Mass Effect, so now I have £30 off either Prey or Tekken 7 when they come out.

Anyway, my thoughts on Mass Effect. Not too far into it yet, it seems restrictive. The character models do not bother me much, away from the fact your edited looks on a character always seem to look terrible compared to the stock model. I went with male Ryder and in the middle of creating my twin found that looked much better, but it was too late by that point. The game is fun, I am hoping it does open up where I can go to a planet and not have to do X/Y/Z and be able to run off and do my own thing on it. But time will tell on that one.

The other game that has perked my interest, amazingly, for little plays is Stardew Valley. Again, not too far into it but giving a new type of game a try actually has me interested. Not doing much beyond a bit of farming and chopping so far, but it is fun. Very colourful, nice to slowly progress and get somewhere and yeah, well worth a buy as a ‘farming sim’ if you want something mindless so to speak. But feel like it is still fun to progress in your own time.

The best thing for me is that I didn’t even realise I had Deus Ex sitting there doing nothing since Christmas, so I have even got that to play. Although time is limited at the minute, to a few hours a week, so highly doubt I will get through these games any time soon. The one positive is that the new Destiny update is very underwhelming for me. I hit the 385 Light level and as I do not really want to get into Raiding the content is a bit light on the ground for me, just means no real reason to rush back.
Dovakiin Alok (gamertag)

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Wii has you covered

RE: Dimebar Dan regarding Wiimote-only games.

Here are some suggestions, all are one-handed only for the main game (some mini-games in some games require a nunchuck): WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, Rhythm Paradise, and Endless Ocean. Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City can also be played with just the Wiimote.

There are also some turn-based role-playing games that could be played one-handed as well, plenty of classics on Virtual Console including EarthBound and Chrono Trigger.

Hope you find some games she likes.

Tabletop mode

So I did get a Switch, and am yet to play any Zelda (waiting to finish Andromeda, which, after you guys suggested maybe wasn’t such a good idea for me, I picked it up anyway, and *spoiler* you guys were completely correct but I’m hoping maybe in hour 30, 40, 50 or 60 I will like it more), but did have a mate come over last night to bang through some Snipperclips. And it was awesome. Between laughing at the facial animations, laughing at our own banter, sabotaging each other in cutting battles, and those ‘a-ha’ moments of figuring out solutions, it’s pretty special.

Even better, this was all on the big TV, but when it came time to make dinner we didn’t want to stop playing just yet, so picked it up out of the dock and set it up in the kitchen, so we could play a few more levels in between checking how food was coming along.

I could see myself taking it over to his place next time to keep playing, and it was about that time the sheer versatility of the base package with the two controllers built in really struck me. Going to get myself another set of Joy-Cons so we can corral another couple of friends into the four-person puzzles ASAP.

Infinite choice

I’m quite glad I’m not the only one with a huge backlog! For a few years now I’ve kept a record of the games I buy and tick them off when they’ve been played. So I know I have 211 games to play, with the oldest, not counting Virtual Console games, being the PlayStation 2 Punisher game from 2005 (although I only bought that recently).

Maybe SJC doesn’t play chronologically and just decided that Gran Turismo 4 should be next. That’s what I do, and it’s one of the greatest benefits of having such a big backlog – you have huge variety, so whatever genre you fancy playing next will be accessible! Plus, the summer games drought hasn’t bothered me for years!
Sparky the Yak
Currently playing: the original Witcher (finally!) and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Wholly unacceptable

Just got an email from Sony saying they are cancelling my South Park: The Fractured But Whole pre-order, and that I can keep my Stick Of Truth pre-order bonus.

This seems fairly worrying, they haven’t cancelled it have they? Or it’s not going to be stuck in development hell like the first one is it?
GGLeigh (PSN ID)

GC: It has been delayed several times, and now has no specific release date. Which may be what’s caused the problem with Sony. But there’s no indication it’s been cancelled, and as you say the original went through similar problems.

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Minimum spec

Admittedly my PC knowledge is limited, but I still can’t get on board with people who say you can build a good gaming PC for £400. You can certainly build a PC that will perform slightly above the PlayStation 4 for that money, though probably minus an operating system and input devices. But what’s the point? It won’t be a system that can deliver many of the advantages a PC can offer over consoles and will need upgrading quite quickly to keep pace. Also, a PlayStation 4 is £200 now with a couple of games, good ones too. No bundled Knack these days.

When I was shopping for a PC the advantages I wanted over a console was 1080p/60fps for all releases over the next three years; a fast enough processor and graphics card so I could use the more developed streaming and VR PC can offer; enough RAM so I could open multiple applications without slowing down the system; and also an SSD to enjoy load times console couldn’t hope to currently reach. For me, If it didn’t achieve this as a gaming PC then I wasn’t getting anything above what my console does.

The build to meet these requirements was a top teir i5, GTX1060 with 16GB RAM and was £800. If you’re savvy and build it yourself, take out the operating system, then I guess £700. I chose to spend more to buy longevity. I don’t expect to replace a thing on the i7 7700, GTX1070 PC I have for four years.

I guess maybe everybody’s notion of what a gaming PC is differs and that’s where the disconnect comes from. For me £400 doesn’t buy a gaming PC, £700+ does.
Simundo Jones

Inbox also-rans

In response to Spence, Power Rangers: The Movie on the Mega Drive is fun. A simple side-scrolling beat ’em up, but fun – especially with two players.

RE: Power Rangers game. I assume Spence meant retro games, but there was a new Power Rangers game released back in January based on the original series. It was on PSN so I assume it’s also on Xbox One. The trailer looked good but I wasn’t willing to take a chance on it then. Has anyone played it? What are your thoughts on it?
goldbricks23 (PSN ID/NN ID)

GC: We imagine he meant anything really. Oddly, we can’t remember ever playing a Power Rangers game. We’ve certainly never reviewed one.

This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks you what you want the next sequel to your favourite franchise to be like?

Big name sequels have varied widely in quality lately, from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to Mass Effect: Andromeda – proving that no series is too old to impress or too popular to fail. So what do you want your sequel of choice to be like? What changes and improvements would you like to see, and how big a shake-up does the franchise need?

This has to be a game that has already been announced, or has a very good chance of happening – like a new Call Of Duty or the promised new Assassin’s Creed – but beyond that you can imagine whatever you think is a good idea. Including giving the franchise a rest for a year or two, if you think that’s best.

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