Boyfriends and Video Games

Posted on March 12, 2018  in Video Games

So my boyfriend had been playing this new game “Fortnite” which he seems to really enjoy. I’m glad he gets some time to talk to his friends and play some video games but he plays them constantly. I want him to have fun but I don’t want him ignoring our relationship. We go to school together and its great sometimes but other times he has his earbuds in. I just wish he would give me more physical attention. I mean yes he calls me “beautiful”, “babygirl”, “baby” and all that cute stuff. Kisses me on the head, cheek, and a normal kiss, hugs me, holds my hand but I just want him to be able to talk to me. I am not really able to spend time with him outside of school at the moment because of personal reasons but that makes our calls a little more important. Like we will have great moments on call where I help him with homework or we watch a movie or even just goof around. I miss the way it was at the beginning where he payed more attention to me but at least its better than him cheating or any of the other not so great stuff. I just am not sure what I’m really supposed to do cause I want him to talk to his friends and have fun but I want him to focus on me too.

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