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This week in video games, August 15, 2017: Agents of Mayhem brings cartoon chaos

Posted on August 19, 2017  in Video Games

This week, For Honor brings Gladiators and Highlanders into the fight; Everything surrounds you with philosophy; and LawBreakers and Tacoma are available to play. But first, revel in the cartoon chaos that is Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of Mayhem brings whoop and whomp to open-world chaos

In Agents of Mayhem, a new third-person shooter released today (August 15), the antagonist is Doctor Babylon, the Minister of Pride for LEGION, an acronym for League of Evil Gentleman Intent on Obliterating Nations.

That alone sets the tone for the open-world game, which is a rollicking adventure available for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One.

It was developed by Volition, which also created the Saints Row games, and it shows. Mayhem has the same over-the-top crazy, wrapped up in the neon-tinted cartoon version of futuristic Seoul that is the setting of the game.

You get to pick a squad of three agents from a roster of 12 antiheroes that run the gamut of wisecracking, ass-kicking troublemakers that rip up every stereotype you can think of. You play one agent at a time and can swap out who you’ve embodied with the tap of a button. You can change out your squad between missions, and you should take the time to find out the strengths of each.

In doing so, pay attention to the banter, because each of the agents has a back story that is revealed in the dialogue interactions between the characters.

There’s role-playing elements here, too. You level up your agents and can apply upgrades to abilities and a wide range of weapons.

Never taking itself seriously, Agents of Mayhem relishes its humourous take on what it’s like to be a superhero that tries to save the world and ends up destroying everything in the process.

Gear up and get down with For Honor Season Three: Grudge and Glory

For Honor, the game that brings such madness to the melee, is entering Season 3. Ubisoft, which developed and published the game, is calling it “Grudge and Glory”.

Two new playable heroes are being introduced with this update, available today (August 15):

  • The Highlander is a hybrid Viking warrior who can switch between a counterattacking defensive style and an attacking style that eschews blocking in favour of high-damage attacks with a claymore sword.
  • The Gladiator is a knight assassin armed with a trident and shield, and with reserves of stamina and agility.

There are two new battlefield maps, and Grudge and Glory also introduces one-on-one-duel tournaments complete with season-long leader boards.

Ubisoft will be bringing 4-v-4 ranked matches with another update later this fall.

“Grudge and Glory” runs until October, with Season 4 of For Honor planned for November.

Everything packs puzzling and philosophy in gaming package

It’s difficult to describe what Everything is all about. In the game, designed by David OReilly and distirbuted by DoubleFine, you start by taking on the guise of an animal. As you move around the landscape—a diverse natural geography that includes things like forests and plains—you’ll see other creatures.

And after a while, you’ll discover that you can become one of those other creatures. Or plants. Or even inanimate objects like pebbles. But you soon realize that there’s nothing inanimate in Everything.

A while later, you gain the ability to slip into objects that are smaller, or larger, and you can go progressively smaller or larger as you desire, finding the universe in a grain of sand, for example, or going full cosmic.

Available on OS X, PS4, and Windows, Everything is procedurally generated, so each experience is going to be different. What doesn’t change are the audio recordings of philosopher Alan Watts that are peppered throughout the environment and which are uncovered by simply exploring, creating sometimes uncanny juxtapositions.

The more time you spend with the ecosystem, the more it opens up to you. You can communicate with other things by “singing”, you can form groups with other objects, you can “dance” to create new lifeforms.

And all the while you are unlocking entries in the game’s encylopedia. You’ll find yourself compelled to try and collect, well, everything.

Games recently released

  • Tacoma, for OS X, Windows, and Xbox One, from Fullbright. From the developer of the sublime Gone Home is this space adventure that puts players in the role of an investigator sent to find out what happened at an abandoned space station.
  • LawBreakers, for PS4 and Windows, from Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon, a first-person shooter that sets teams of five players against each other.
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, for PS4, Windows, Xbox One, collects Mega Man 7 through 10. Capcom is including all extras from these games, including bonus stages and characters.

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Xbox and Playstation fans rejoice here is how you can earn millions playing video games

Posted on August 19, 2017  in Video Games

… could make a living from video games?
Well you can, and some … to earn your fortune playing games.
eSports tournament
Professional gaming, known … a dozen, from people reviewing games like the hugely popular Angry …
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Autism expert warns of dangers of creating teenage recluses who play video games

Posted on August 19, 2017  in Video Games

A US autism expert, who was diagnosed with the condition in the 1950s, has said there is a massive need for increased investment in Irish special needs education in order to prevent young people from ending up as “recluses in their rooms”.

Nine hundred parents and special needs assistants (SNAs) attended a talk, held at Cork Institute of Technology yesterday, by Dr Temple Grandin who emphasised the importance of educational intervention at the earliest possible stage to help equip children with autism succeed in life and the world of work.

“The individuals who will be successful in the workplace are most likely to be the ones who developed good working skills at a young age,” she said.

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PSM disappointed with SEA Games committee for failure to install ‘video challenge’

Posted on August 19, 2017  in Video Games

PSM disappointed with SEA Games committee for failure to install ‘video challenge’

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 — The Sepak Takraw Association of Malaysia (PSM) are disappointed with the SEA Games organising committee for failing to implement the “video challenge” technology in the sepak takraw competition because the contractor appointed for the installation one year ago could not meet the specification required.

“Video challenge” or “dark fish” is a system that can be used by teams to challenge calls made by the umpire or referee during a bout or match, especially when a line call is disputed.

The system is not similar to the ‘hawk eye’ technology used in tennis and badminton lately but rather like what has been introduced in hockey recently where the referee can review the action by replaying the process through video recording using high definition cameras.

PSM president Datuk Seri Ahmad Ismail in expressing disappointment for the failure to implement the correct system said the technology was supposed to be introduced when the sepak takraw team event started today.

“Yesterday the contractor appointed by the Malaysian SEA Games Organising Committee (MASOC) came to the competition venue to install the cameras and system but the outcome was negative. The system cannot be used.

“We had asked for at least six HD cameras that can record 100 frames per second (fps) to enable the ‘video challenge’ technology to be implemented smoothly but they had only four HD cameras with 50fps,” he told reporters here today.

Ahmad Ismail said for the time being the “video challenge” technology would not be used in the competition but the contractor has been given a chance to upgrade the system quickly.

Meanwhile, International Sepak Takraw Association (ISTAF) secretary Datuk Abdul Halim Kader said the initial plan was to use the ‘video challenge’ technology in the KL2017 so that ISTAF can evaluate the success of the systems before applying the same system at the World Championships in India next month.

“We wanted to see how the system was implemented in Malaysia and we were hoping to study the success of the system so that ISTAF can introduce the same system in future,” he said.

He said PSM had twice requested the contractor to conduct a ‘dry run’ using the technology, including at the National Youth Championship at the Titiwangsa Stadium which was the venue for the KL2017 but the system failed to meet the criteria set by PSM.

The failure of MASOC to ensure the installation of a proper system would certainly give a negative impact to the organisation of the KL2017 since all teams had been notified and expecting the ‘video challenge’ technology to be used in the competition, here, he said. — Bernama

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Singtel unveils ‘Power On’ video to support Team Singapore at the 2017 SEA Games

Posted on August 19, 2017  in Video Games

Singapore, 18 August 2017 – Singtel has today released the first of its ‘Power On’ video series to support Team Singapore as they head to Kuala Lumpur to compete at the 2017 SEA Games starting tomorrow.

Designed to pay tribute to our athletes and also rally Singaporeans behind them, the video profiles six of Singapore’s sporting heroes: Joseph Schooling (Swimming), Loh Zhi Zhi (Water Polo), Mark Leong (Water Ski), Nur Alfian (Silat), Shanti Pereira (Track and Field) and Shayna Ng (Bowling). In an original spoken word piece penned by Singaporean poet Marc Nair and voiced by veteran actor Lim Kay Tong, the 90-second film captures the athletes training for the Games and candidly sharing their hopes and fears as they head into competition.

To be aired on Singtel TV and social media channels during the SEA Games from 19 August through 30 August, the ‘Power On’ video series will also feature each of the athletes in six 60-second videos in which they talk about their motivations and vulnerabilities representing Singapore at the regional meet.

‘Singaporeans will get a rare glimpse of the pressure our athletes feel and the hard work they’ve put in, as they put their best foot forward for Singapore. We hope it inspires everyone to cheer for them as they carry the Majulah Spirit to the Games,’ says Ms Lian Pek, Vice President for Group Strategic Communications and Brand. ‘But beyond being a morale booster for the athletes, hopefully the sort of national pride they’re feeling will prove to be contagious. Athlete or not, we’re all one big Team Singapore after all.’

‘Power On’ is the second part of Singtel’s month-long National Day campaign which pays tribute to the nation’s can-do spirit during the independence day month of August. A key highlight of the campaign was the ‘National Day After’ film, which has chalked up over a million views on Facebook within a week of its release.

Singtel recently renewed its ongoing partnership with the Singapore National Olympic Council to help develop the local sporting scene. Through the partnership, which dates back to 2012, Singtel helps to fund the training of the nation’s athletes and support Singapore’s goal of becoming a sporting powerhouse. Additionally, Singtel will provide the Team Singapore contingent about 900 ReadyRoam SIM cards during the SEA Games, to help them stay connected to their friends and family.


SingTel – Singapore Telecommunications Limited published this content on 18 August 2017 and is solely responsible for the information contained herein.
Distributed by Public, unedited and unaltered, on 18 August 2017 04:41:04 UTC.

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Video games used to reduce workers comp claims

Posted on August 18, 2017  in Video Games

CLEVELAND – More than $1 billion has already been spent this year on workers’ compensation claims in Ohio. But, at Cleveland State University, researchers are using video game technology to reduce that.

Nursing home and personal care facilities have four times the number of workplace injuries than any other private industry. That’s more than mining, construction and manufacturing.

“It’s hard work and it’s work that forces you to be in some positions that aren’t ideal,” said Debbie Espy, an Associate Professor and Cleveland State Health Sciences Researcher.

Picking up patients and wheelchairs, stretching across a hospital bed and moving in weird ways, makes being a nurse’s aide a difficult and dangerous job.

Every year in Ohio, hundreds of workers’ compensation claims are filed and millions of dollars are paid on behalf of nursing home aides.

With the help of a quarter-million dollar grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Cleveland State Health Science researchers are working with Northeast Ohio nursing home employees to teach them how they’re moving the wrong way during their day.

“We were just looking at them doing exercises and they would do exercises and it would show what the Kinect camera was picking up and it would give them a little feedback about move a little further this way, don’t move this, if you’re bringing your arm up, keep it straight to your side,” said Espy.

Researchers are using Kinect, the Xbox equivalent of the Nintendo Wii. They installed the gaming technology in patient rooms and strapped monitors on nursing home employees that would beep when they would move the wrong way.

“It’s both the training, so if you’re learning a sport and somebody’s giving you feedback, you’re going to learn those sports motions better than if somebody just says here’s how you do it, now go practice by yourself,” said Espy.

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What’s the fascination of watching other people play video games?

Posted on August 18, 2017  in Video Games

About a month ago, my colleague Dan Seifert admitted on Twitter that he basically does not understand me as a person:

Instead of lashing out in his mentions, I sat on that information until the other day, when I finally connected with Dan over Skype to hash it all out. Now you can enjoy our conversation in podcast form, thanks to the Verge Extras feed, which you should definitely subscribe to if you haven’t already.

For reference, here are a few of the Twitch streamers I mention in our conversation: Kripparian, Seagull, Bacon Donut, Giant Waffle, Bjergsen. Also, if you want to watch USA defeat New Zealand in the Overwatch World Cup, that’s over on YouTube, or you can dig through the Twitch archives for the rest of the matches.

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VIDEO: Medals galore for Surrey teen para-swimmer at Canada Summer Games

Posted on August 18, 2017  in Video Games

Arianna Hunsicker seen here in the pool at Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre, won five medals in para-swimming  one silver and four bronze  during the recent Canada Summer Games. (Photo: Amy Reid) -

Arianna Hunsicker seen here in the pool at Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre, won five medals in para-swimming one silver and four bronze during the recent Canada Summer Games. (Photo: Amy Reid)

— image credit:

Seated at Surrey Sport & Leisure Centre, Arianna Hunsicker’s eyes lit up as she recalled winning not one, but five medals in para-swimming at the Canada Summer Games.

Arianna, who was born with a partial left hand, took home a silver and four bronze medals at the competition in Winnipeg, which ran from July 28 to Aug. 13.

“It was an amazing feeling once I got up there, winning the medals,” said the Cloverdale teen, who is heading into Grade 9 at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary. “I was expecting nothing out of meet, I was expecting no medals. I was one of the youngest people there. Most people were, like, 22, and I’m only 14.

“It just felt so great.”


She said she ended up “destroying” her time in the first race of the competition, shaving 21 seconds off her time.

“I ended up seeing bronze in that race. It was really exciting, I didn’t expect it at all, I was overjoyed.”

The soft-spoken Surrey teen estimates she puts in about 15 hours of training at the pool every week, 49 out of 52 weeks a year, after joining the world of competitive swimming three years ago.

“I put a lot of work and effort into them and it all pays off in the end,” she said.

Arianna was one of the top two females selected in B.C. to compete in para-swimming at the competition.

Asked how her disability affects her swimming, Arianna said she doesn’t notice it much.

“It probably affects balance, and you can’t pull as much water,” she said. “I’m more used to it, but it probably affects you in some sort of way.”

It may affect her, proud mom Andrea Hunsicker chimed in, “but she’s matching times at an able-body level. She has faster times than able bodied people which is making her so successful in the paras. She’s pushing herself and beating her own times.”


Andrea called her daughter’s commitment “mind-blowing.… In this past year, to see where her focus was, she pays attention to sleep habits, her diet, how much exercise she’s getting, things like that. Things you wouldn’t see a normal 14-year-old do. She could be out at the mall and out with her friends but she’s so committed to her goals.

“She still gets time for that, because we make sure she does,” Andrea added. “We don’t want to see burn out. So if there’s things she wants to do on her off time we let her do it, because she needs it.”

But there’s not much spare time, admitted Arianna, who graduated Grade 8 last year with a 4.0 GPA.

“It’s school, then swim and if I have a day off I usually just hang out with friends,” said Arianna.

“It’s hard to fit in homework, there are some late nights,” the teen added with a grin.

When she’s not doing all that, Hunsicker also works with the War Amps Child Amputee Program (CHAMP).

Last March, she attended a CHAMPS conference in Vancouver and this year she graduated to what is called a “junior counsellor” where she helps mentor the younger kids within the organization.

Arianna has her sights set on another national meet in 2018 and has been urged to sign up for the NextGen training Tokyo camp.

“She’s on a path where if things continuing going well, she’ll be eligible for selection for the next Olympics,” said mom Andrea.

“It’s exciting,” remarked Arianna. “I’m hoping to make it to the high goal, in the end, the Olympics.”

She urged others with disabilities to go for it.

“Just know that even though you have a disability – no leg, or some sort of disease or whatever – that you can still do whatever you want. Look at me, I’m going to competitions and gaining medals so if I can do it, you can do it as well.”

Arianna’s medals were five of 146 won by Team BC at the competition this year. It’s the most ever earned by the province at a Canada Summer Games. B.C. finished second in the medal count, behind Team Ontario with 212 medals.

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Play 100+ video games on every platform at indie game con Play NYC

Posted on August 18, 2017  in Video Games

… haven’t had a dedicated video game convention.
That changes this … Terminal 5 with over 100 games spread across three floors (and … will highlight not just ready-to-play games but give you a peek … the community focused on live games.”
For them, a live-action roleplaying …
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2017 X Games | Real Moto – Video Competition Is Now Live

Posted on August 17, 2017  in Video Games


The 2017 X Games wrapped a while ago, but that doesn’t mean the competition is over. Real Moto, a concept that’s similar to the skate and snowboard video contests that put six of the sport’s best free riders against each other with their best quick edits, is now underway. It’s cool to see freestyle motocross going in a new direction and after watching the parts from this year’s competition, we have a feeling that the final tally in the polls will be close. Check out the videos below and then head over to to vote for your favorite flick.

Axell Hodges

Tyler Bereman

Ronnie Renner

Jackson Strong

Kris Foster

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