Man’s rectum falls out after he spends 30 minutes sitting on the loo playing video games

Posted on February 10, 2018  in Video Games

A man WAS rushed to hospital after his rectum fell out of place because he had been sat on the toilet for 30 minutes playing video games.

He was taken to hospital when he noticed a ball-sized lump had fallen out of his backside in the middle of the night.

Doctors diagnosed him with rectal prolapse, which is when the rectum loses its attachment to the body.

It was still attached to his rear and medics said they believed the condition could have been happened because he had been sat on the toilet for half-an-hour, playing video games.

The man, from south-east China, was treated by Dr Su Dan at the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

The man had been playing video games while on the toilet for 30 minutes

The CT scan shows the rectum is not attacked

It emerged that the man, who has not been named, has suffered from rectal prolapse since he was just four.

The condition means part of the intestine is not attached to the body and is visible from outside.

Dr Su told Mail Online : “The bulge was able to retract in the past. But he did not have the condition treated, so the situation got worse.”

She described his condition as “severe”.

The man had a CT scan, which revealed the 6inch ball outisde his backside.

He was also suffering from bruises and blood spots in his intestinal wall.

The man had been trying to defecate when the prolapse occurred and Dr Su believes the length of time he had spent on the toilet had weakened his pelvic muscles.

He had to undergo surgery to remove the lump and is now recovering in hospital.

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